Medium: Watercolor on 100% cotton rag paper with archival ink, 2021

Size: 6x10 Inch painted on a 7x11 Inch paper

Frame suggestion: This piece ships unframed. Suggested frame size is 11x14 Inch matted for a 6X80 inch opening.


Inspiration: My friend in British Columbia saw some feral peacocks on her daily walk in her neighborhood. The name for this painting is inspired by her experience. These are beautiful and majestic birds but based on what I read they are causing quite a ruckus in the neighborhood. No surprise here. There aren’t supposed to be any peacocks in Canada. They are just not suited to roam the roads and be in the North American suburbs! These are wild birds and are native to Asia.


Apparently decades ago someone brought them for a hobby farm, which was sold and then they were abandoned. So, by no fault of their own, these peacocks now reside in this random neighborhood in Canada, sometimes causing a fuss due to confusing surroundings.

Wild Peacock Style



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