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Salty Taffy

Medium: Watercolor on cold press paper with archival ink, 2020

Size: 11x14 Inch paper

Frame suggestion: This piece ships unframed. Suggested frame size is 11x14 Inch matted for a 8X10 inch opening.


Inspiration: This painting is part of the Salty Taffy series and was a lot of fun to paint. The color scheme is inspired by a type of candy called salt water taffy. These are typically of soft shades of pink, yellow, green, cream, white, etc. They are chewy and super sweet, sometimes tangy. I hate the taste and texture (lol) but they look beautiful to me, like colorful pebbles wrapped up nicely. More than anything they make me curious to imagine what each one might taste like.


I’m reminded of simpler times when my main goal in life was to find a suitable bus route to explore the city I’d just moved to. I would get on the bus and just sit through the whole route. It was a new city, new job and a newly found independence. There are 5 paintings in this series, but I plan to add more eventually.

Salty Taffy

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