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Inky Fingers

Medium: Watercolor on cold press paper with archival ink, 2021

Size: 6.5x10 Inch painted on a 7.5x11 Inch paper

Frame suggestion: This piece ships unframed. Suggested frame size is 9x12 Inch matted for a 7x10.5 inch opening.


Inspiration: When I was in school writing with a pen was this forbidden magical thing. I assumed it was not allowed for me because I was little and only grownups were able to use a pen.

Then I got to 4th grade and oh my did everything change! During the annual trip to the stationer (this was my favorite part of starting the year), I got new textbooks, notebooks to write in, those brown book covers we were supposed to cover all our books with for protection, stickers to write our name on! But, along with all my school supplies, this time I could get a bunch of pens too! Fountain and gel. Those were the two allotted varieties for us. A ball point pen was somehow considered a disgrace!  Anyhow, I remember having so much trouble with the fountain pen . Iā€™d always have blue ink all over my hands and it would get on my uniform!! (Yes, we had a uniform šŸ¤“).


This painting reminds of that simple time.

Inky Fingers

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