Medium: Watercolor on cold press paper with archival ink, 2020

Size: 11x15 Inch paper

Frame suggestion: This piece ships unframed. Suggested frame size is 16x20 Inch matted for a 10X14 inch opening.


Inspiration: It’s been tough to connect with people in the last couple of months. I’m usually ok just being by myself but it’s only natural to want to see or be around people after a long time. I miss people. 

We moved to Canada  in July 2019 and 2020 was gonna be our year to “find our people”. It’s tough to do this even without a pandemic but almost impossible with a pandemic and shutdowns and social distancing. 

Both husband and I are super independent people and we’ve gotten used to doing things by ourselves. Me and him, him and me. I love that about us but this also results in us being by ourselves a lot. Good because we get things done super quickly if we both agree and bad because we have ended up with way fewer friends in the process. 2021 is going to be the year for me to find more of "my" people.

I love orange and blue. Blue is the friend orange found.

Ginger Found A Friend



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