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Eirum Loves Basil

Medium: Watercolor on cold press paper with archival ink, 2020

Size: 9x12 Inch paper

Frame suggestion: This piece ships unframed. Suggested frame size is 12x16 Inch matted for a 9X12 inch opening.


Inspiration: We had gone to Toronto just before I painted this one, just to walk on Queen St., eat a take-out lunch in the park and soak up the feeling of being amongst people again, after the longest time. Even though we ended up eating chinese food, I was just really feeling like eating pizza! This painting came from that feeling. Just pure craving for basil, tomato, and melted slightly charred mozzarella brushed with olive oil. Simple.


***** The ink used here is not archival.

Eirum Loves Basil

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