Medium: Watercolor on cold press paper with archival ink, 2020

Size: 11x15 Inches



Climate change. Hazy sun. No warmth. 


I painted this one when there were forest fires happening on the west coast in 2020. My mornings soon after that got surreal, the smoke from the wildfires blocked the sun rays as it rose all the way in Toronto area. The sky was gray with the sun perfectly orange. It’s hard to imagine that something so far away can have an impact, but it does. The impact is very minor compared to what the western coast of North America faces every year, but a reminder of what’s to come ahead. It was strange to see the sun be so very orange and yet not feel any significant warmth from it in summer. I often use shades of blue in my paintings. The blue here is that cold feeling of being slowly overtaken by climate change. 

Cold Sun



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