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What a fun commission of paintings to work on - Maps

Map of India in orange, blue and green painted with watercolour and marked in ink

Last month I painted this commission of 7 little paintings for a collector who is also a dear friend. I did all other countries in random colors but for India I could not resist using the colors of the flag. Both my friend and I are from India and it holds a special place. 💛💛

See the other countries I did below. Some of my favorites were Norway and Italy. Also, Spain!! I also did Mexico, Portugal and Iceland. Take a peek below!

This was a fun commission to paint. It was my first one that I actually planned and collaborated with someone on. My friend loves to travel and these are some of the special places she has been to with her family, except India. India will always be home in many ways and therefore a constant destination of choice.

Each of these was made with watercolors and marked with archival black ink. They were 5x7 inches and 5x5 inches and they sold for $44 CAD / about $35 USD. They are now on their way to Illinois in the US. Yay! I cannot wait for my friend to see these in person. I’ve included some tiny surprises in the package too.

When someone connects with one of my paintings it gives me joy. My soul glows. There’s butterflies and jitters and smiles. Big smiles..lots of gratitude!! 💛

If you have a commission you’d like me to work on, reach out to me here! Let’s talk if it makes sense in my style, let’s talk pricing, size of work and all of those important details.

Now for the fun part: Which one did you like the most? Tell me below. 🙈

Map of Portugal with light and dark green watercolours marked with black ink

Map of Italy with blue watercolours in marked with black ink

Map of Mexico with yellowish-orange watercolours in marked with black ink

Map of Norway with reddish-orange watercolours in marked with black ink

Map of Iceland with light blueish-green watercolours in marked with black ink

Map of Spain with bright yellow and orange watercolours in marked with black ink

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