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36 cut med.jpg

In Between


During times of uncertainty and change we often turn to familiar comforts. These are organic shapes, dots and lines for me. They bring me peace and calm. I am currently going through a crucial career transition and ever since it began life has been in a state of flux. In some ways my identity is shifting too. Life in these past few months has been lived in little shifting moments. Neither here nor there. Somewhere in between. I’m sure you could think of such events in your own life which changed you deeply too.

35 cut med.jpg

The names of these paintings are words and phrases I told myself when I was coping. They kept me grounded, looking forward and hopeful. Although these paintings were created in my time of uncertainty, I hope they bring you calm, comfort and peace. Immense comfort is what they have brought me as I navigate these in between times. The sizes of each of these are intentionally small. I am going back to school to learn coding/programming and as I waded through new material, I needed to make something that I could quickly put away and setup the space to study. Smaller works made it easy to do so. And, I have been infatuated with greens lately so most of these have green in some way or form. Most of these also have large blue-ish blobs. My studio walls are blue and that shows up here. This is place of clam and quiet for me and I hold it close to my heart. 

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