Artist Statement

I paint primarily with watercolors on paper and use ink to emphasize the movement of paint. Emotions, feelings and memories that a color or a combination of colors evoke inspire me to select a color pallete. 

For the base painting, I layer colors in varying intensities to create a textured effect and then ink is added. Ink patterns are led by the intensity variation created by movement of paint. Each ink stroke is a reaction to the prior. The result is an intricate and hypnotic ink pattern that emphasizes the flow and saturation of colors. It is meant to draw the viewer’s eye to trace each shape and line to see where it goes. It’s an obsession for me and I adore the simplicity of this process. It is inspired by the math of using filters as a method to identify patterns in images. A filter is simply a mathematical equation that decides whether something falls within a set criterion. Color intensities and saturation are the variables in my equation.  

My paintings are a way for me to connect with people. As an introvert and a shy person, I’ve found it challenging to forge new relationships and friendships with people quickly, but my art gives me a way to take that first step and start a conversation. Through my work I expect to convey a joyful chaos and curiosity to the observer. Why were these colors selected? What is the story? Which memory was this inspired by? What does this remind me of? Where does this line lead? Why do I paint this way? All valid questions and all a beginning to a much larger conversation waiting to happen. Creating art fulfills me, but what gives me true joy is when someone connects with one of my paintings in whatever little way. In that moment, we’ve had an unspoken conversation and understood something about each other. This is a precious feeling.

Eirum Loves Basil_Medium.jpg