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Artist Bio

Sneha Mahajan is a self-taught visual artist based in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. She was born in India and moved to North America in 2009 for advancing her education and career. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a focus on image processing from Missouri University of Science and Technology. Sneha wrote her research thesis on use of pattern recognition techniques and software models to separate benign and cancerous skin lesion images.


Her simple process of creating ink patterns on abstract watercolor paintings is inspired by pattern analysis in images and began in 2007 when she started exploring watercolors as a medium. She was captivated by the way watercolors pool on paper and how they can be layered to create random patterns. Her art is a study of color and its connection to her memories. She hopes to invoke positive emotions, memories, and curiosity in her audience through her paintings. She currently works as a Sr. Application Engineer for a power transmission equipment manufacturer. Sneha creates out of her home studio in Milton, ON.

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