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I make art because it’s good for me. I feel joy from the process and the mess of making art. I need this joy in my life. I have always made some sort of art all my life, but in 2020 I began making a lot more of it. It started as a way for me to fill my time and the walls of our new home with art. But, once I began, I found an unfamiliar joy. I make art to feel this joy fully. I find inspiration in colors, shapes, patterns, texture, and lines.


My current preoccupation is watercolour and I am in love with its uncontrollable nature. I feel happiness from this chaos. The ink lines I make in my art are an effort to make sense of this chaos. This process of adding ink lines happened accidentally when I ruined a painting back in 2016. In an effort to salvage this painting I kept tracing all the shapes I could see with a pen. It turned out to be a beautiful mistake. It’s helped me understand how watercolour moves on paper, how it dries, how it wets, mixes, layers and lifts. I love the process of layering watercolours. It creates odd abstract shapes. I then use ink lines of varying thickness to trace the shapes I see. I love the simplicity of this process and how I can quietly disappear in it.


The names I give to my creations are futile attempts to share a little bit of my mad self with the viewer. They are usually strange, and intentionally so. I want my paintings to confuse anyone who experiences them. I want people question what art is. How does it make them feel? What do they see? As much as art fascinates me, I also question myself on what art is. What I make, is that art? In an effort to answer this question, I keep making my art and enjoying the process.


Weird facts:

- I am as introvert as can be. 🤫

- When I am not making art, you may find me dancing with my dog Silo to music. 👐🏽🤲🏽👐🏽🤲🏽

- I *very often* forget things. Once left a book in the fridge as a child and have continued to misplace all kinds of things throughout my life ever since. 😶‍🌫️

- I am currently learning how to code. 🤟🏽👩🏽‍💻

- I forgot what this one was going to be. 🤷🏽‍♀️



I would love to work with you to create something you have in mind. Such endeavours have often resulted in a lot of personal growth for me as an artist. It helps me try different things that I usually wouldn’t have. Feel free to contact me at here or at to discuss further!

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